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Low dew point dual wheel dehumidifier



The rotary dehumidifier can quickly, easily and effectively reduce air humidity.

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Product Introduction

Low dew point rotary dehumidifier FXL. D

Application scenario field: lithium battery, electronics, biochemical industry, military industry, and hazardous chemicals warehouse, with a relative humidity of below 5% to - 70% of the dew point requirements.

Dehumidification wheel

"Fengxing" dehumidifier adopts world class patented high-efficiency runner; The runner adopts patented technology: cooperating with an inorganic adhesive, the glass fiber is processed into a honeycomb shape, and all organic substances are transferred under high temperature combustion. Then, the runner of the honeycomb matrix is fused with special silica gel (metal silicate) through a polymerization reaction, which not only has good heat resistance, but also can be applied under any humidity conditions; With strong dehumidification ability, no loss of dehumidifier, non-toxic, non corrosive, ensuring long-term safe and stable operation; Due to the addition of hydrophilic groups and micropores to the runner to absorb more water, the drying capacity of the runner is improved by 20% to 30% compared to other silicone runners based on air conditions.

The molecular sieve wheel is implanted into the glass fiber matrix using a special synthetic zeolite as a moisture absorbent, because zeolite has very small pores and strong heat resistance. This wheel is suitable for low dew point conditions, or for processing air containing volatile organic compounds such as ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, etc; Regenerated air up to 220 ° C can be used for the runner, and almost no polymerization reaction occurs in all runners; This runner is made of a special synthetic zeolite that crystallizes into glass fibers through a special chemical reaction. According to airflow conditions, a single runner can reach - 80 ° C D.P