Interpretation of rotary dehumidifier equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers and household dehumidifiers from five aspects

1. What is a dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is a general term for all dehumidifier equipment such as industrial dehumidifiers, household dehumidifiers, rotary dehumidifiers, and so on; In terms of application, it can be divided into two categories: industrial dehumidifiers and household dehumidifiers. Household dehumidifiers generally use models with small power and volume, and have features such as beautiful appearance, energy conservation, and silence; Industrial dehumidifiers are generally used by enterprises and manufacturers, with the main purpose of achieving dehumidification and moisture resistance, constant temperature and humidity, and isothermal humidity requirements. The focus is on performance, with characteristics such as fast dehumidification, large circulating air volume, and more monotonous appearance, and relatively large space consumption.

2. Market demand for rotary dehumidifiers

Since the introduction of dehumidifiers in China, the market demand has gradually expanded, not only widely promoted in household and large factories, but also entered small and medium-sized manufacturers and individual businesses in various industries, and is mainly used in dehumidification and moisture prevention in basements and product warehouses. Although rotary dehumidifiers are only a small member of the refrigeration system, with consumers' in-depth understanding of the performance and role of rotary dehumidifiers, the market prospects of rotary dehumidifiers will be broader and have full development potential.

3. Main composition and principle of household dehumidifier

The main components of a household dehumidifier are similar to those of an air conditioner, and are mainly composed of a compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water tank, housing, and control computer board. It also utilizes the principle of refrigeration energy conversion. Unlike air conditioners, dehumidifiers are designed to dehumidify and ensure the temperature and humidity of people's living environment, and are controlled based on humidity. The working principle of its household dehumidifier is that a fan draws humid air into the household dehumidifier, and through a heat exchanger, the water molecules in the air condense into water droplets. The treated dry air is discharged into the room, which circulates to maintain indoor humidity at a suitable relative humidity.

4. Production cost of rotary industrial dehumidifiers

In terms of production cost, it is much lower than that of air conditioners, as the procurement of some accessories is far greater than the procurement quantity of air conditioner manufacturers. At the same time, due to sales volume and customer customization requirements, rotary industrial dehumidifiers cannot fully implement the production mode of assembly lines, and the cost of labor and other costs is higher compared to air conditioner manufacturers. This is the fundamental reason why rotary industrial dehumidifiers are rarely seen in large shopping malls on the market.

5. How to choose and purchase rotary wheel type industrial dehumidifier

For consumers, how should they purchase dehumidifiers? The best way is to choose a dehumidifier equipment manufacturer with a certain brand influence and enterprise qualifications, especially industrial dehumidifiers, whose quality will directly affect the product quality and enterprise benefits of the user manufacturer. Of course, more attention should be paid to the overall performance of industrial dehumidifiers and after-sales support services.