The role of transfer wheel dehumidifiers in the plastic industry

Environmental humidity in various processes conducted in the plastic industry has a direct impact on the quality of the final product, and is particularly important for conversion operations involving injection molding and molding of raw materials.

Processing: presence of humidity

Thermoplastic or resinous raw materials undergo a heating process aimed at increasing the plasticity of the material, thereby forming the desired shape in the mold.

The humidity (high water absorption capacity) of this hygroscopic raw material and the ambient humidity around the raw material evaporate as the temperature increases, leading to structural damage and aesthetic defects in the final product, leading to a high percentage of product obsolescence.

Forming: Condensation

Most molding processes reduce mold temperature to cool by using cold air to reduce manufacturing time and increase production. Basically, the colder the mold, the faster the manufacturing cycle. However, operating at lower refrigeration temperatures can cause mold condensation issues, especially in summer, which can lead to deformation of the finished product.

The relatively simple option for preventing condensation formation involves only increasing the temperature of the mold surface, but higher mold temperatures mean longer manufacturing cycles and lower production volumes.

The best solution in the industry to address this situation is to implement a quasi wheel dehumidifier system that can control the dew point on the mold surface, and can then operate using a lower mold refrigeration temperature without forming condensation. Therefore, it is possible to increase production while maintaining the quality of the final product.

Molds: corrosion

Corrosion can affect the mold during production and storage.

During production, due to the formation of condensation.

During storage, due to ambient humidity.

In both cases, humidity control can be maintained regardless of temperature, preventing mold repair or replacement, and avoiding this cost.