How does a dehumidifier work and how do I choose a dehumidifier?

In life, everyone can clearly feel the "tide" in spring and summer, and the "dry" in autumn and winter. This is because the most suitable humidity for the human body is 50% to 60%. If it is too high or too low, the body will obviously feel it.

Generally speaking, when the humidity is higher than 80%, it already makes people feel significantly stuffy and uncomfortable. When the humidity is higher than 90%, it is even more like soaking in water. In fact, the relative humidity in the southeastern region of China is above 75% all year round. Working and living in high and humid environments for a long time can make people listless and tired.

The impact of humidity certainly goes beyond that——

Clothes Mouldy: Double 11 is coming again. What about new clothes!

Appliance failure: Appliances that are affected by the tide are always not obedient.

Damping of furniture: Whether it's leather, wood, cloth, or rattan, there's no fear of dampness

Mouldy walls: raising one can even harvest a "delicious" meal of mushrooms

Is there really no substitute for a dehumidifier?

Many people feel that dehumidifiers are actually dispensable things, and whenever humidity strikes, they usually use various means to fight against it——

Newspaper shop: I need to change it every few hours, and it's a mess on the ground

Air conditioning dehumidification: Only when the temperature is adjusted very low can it be effective, and opening it day and night consumes too much electricity

Bamboo charcoal lime: The passive moisture absorption effect is not obvious, the dosage is large, and the scope of action is small

Frequent Wiping: Wipe the entire house every half day. How can I feel better?

With the improvement of living standards and the increase of people's awareness of moisture-proof and dehumidification, people have long disdained these thankless dehumidification methods, and the new favorite dehumidifier for small household appliances has gradually entered people's lives.

So, how exactly does dehumidifier work and how should dehumidifiers be selected on the market?

Principle of dehumidifier

As we all know, humidity is caused by excessive moisture in the air. The dehumidifier uses a wind wheel to pump the moist air into the unit, which is condensed into water under the action of a refrigeration system and flows into the water tank, where the dry air is discharged. This cycle reduces indoor humidity and gradually achieves a dry and cool effect in the humid space.

At low temperatures, some water vapor directly condenses into frost during the drying process, which can lead to a decrease in the dehumidification efficiency of the dehumidifier. This phenomenon is inevitable.

Classification of dehumidifiers

Currently, there are two main types of household dehumidifiers on the market. One type is a dehumidifier with a compressor, and the other type is a dehumidifier without a compressor. Although both have the same name and function as household dehumidifiers, there is a significant difference in effectiveness and applicability.

Multifunctional dehumidifier

With the continuous improvement of research and development technology of dehumidifiers, many dehumidifiers with multiple functions such as drying clothes, purifying, humidifying, etc. have also emerged on the market. How can we judge such dehumidifiers?

For example, dehumidifiers with air purification functions can be compared with air purifiers. Check whether the purification air volume and purification energy efficiency level of the dehumidifier can be compared with the air purifier. If so, this purification function is practical. For example, Baiao's purification and dehumidification all-in-one machine also has high energy efficiency air purification functions in addition to dehumidification. It can be used for dehumidification in spring and summer, and purification in autumn and winter, all year round, maintaining the best home environment for a long time.

Similarly, the humidification function can benchmark the fog output of the humidifier, and the drying function can benchmark the drying time of the clothes dryer. This allows you to easily identify whether the additional features of the dehumidifier are genuine or not worthy of the name.